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England vs Italy: Euro 2020 Final Preview


This article was written for and published by on July 10, 2021


England and Italy have played 27 matches against each other, the former have won eight, the latter 11, but the bliss of winning or the agony of losing this forthcoming 28th clash at Wembley on Sunday the 11th of July would be unmatched for this set of players and these nations.

Italy entered the tournament with a 27-match unbeaten run, which has now become a 33-match unbeaten run, and yet it was not far back when the country was in shock as their beloved, proud football team failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup. Roberto Mancini was appointed subsequently, and the transformation has been no less than radical. Traditionally, Italy is a land of defenders where defenders would prefer dying before conceding a goal. They still do that, but now that is not all that they do and rely on to win football matches. After Mancini’s arrival, the Azzurri have been more assertive and attacking on the ball and off the ball. He has managed to harmonize the rigid defending ways of the old guard and the offensive potential of the quality players available to him, and we have first-hand witnessed this in this tournament as Italy are not only the team with the second-most clean sheets (3) and the second-least goals conceded (3) but also the team with second-most goals scored (12) and attempts made (108).

England, on the other hand, have gone through the gears as the competition has progressed. They have not always been easy on the eye, although that has also improved in the knockout stage, but they have quintessentially played like a successful international side. They have been smart, sturdy, and adaptive. The Three Lions have let in merely one goal and have the most clean sheets (5) in the tournament. While players like Raheem Sterling, Luke Shaw, Harry Kane, and Harry Maguire have stood out, there has not been a single player who has let the team down.



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