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Marnus Labuschagne – Made in the image of Steve Smith and now on top of the world


This article was published by The Roar on December 29, 2021.


The Ashes of 2019 was a series of reckoning for Steve Smith and David Warner – two of Australia’s greatest batters. It was the occasion of their re-entry into international cricket following the year-long ban imposed on the pair for ball-tampering.

The fortunes of either could not have been more contrasting in that series. Smith showed the world what the pinnacle of Test match batting looks like, amassing a colossal tally of 774 runs in four matches, while Warner, throughout the series, remained embarrassingly tangled in the web created around the fourth-stump line by Stuart Broad, scoring merely 95 runs and averaging 9.5 in five games.

From an Australian point of view, the divergent narrative of arcs of these returning heroes took the center stage in the series. However, brewing just under the surface was the emergence of the then 25-year-old, Marnus Labuschagne, and that series became a turning point in his journey to the top...

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