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In Conversation With Rajinder Singh Meena - An Inspirational Figure In The Indian Wushu & MMA Scene


This article was written for and published by Sportz O'Clock on Aug 16, 2021


Rajinder Singh Meena, who is famous among his fans as ‘Knockout’, is one of India’s finest wushu and MMA fighter in the lightweight category. Seven-time national wushu champion, twice silver medalist in wushu at SAF Games, two-time national kickboxing champion, a regional boxing champion, and a former victor of the lightweight title in the Super Fight League, the thirty-nine-year-old has traversed and conquered in a wide array of combat sports in his long career. Being the first Indian man to win a fight in the ONE Championship, Meena has been a trailblazer-like figure whose feats have played a considerable role in lighting the MMA spark in the nation.


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