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THINGS I LOVED THIS WEEK: Amandine Henry's wondrous strike in the Champions League final

Time and again, in the pinnacle of European club football – the Champions League final – some player chooses chaos and drops a moment of utter magic, as they go on to score an absolute pearler. These are goals which make us question the reality of the moment, they makes us wonder if we have entered the realm of the surreal. In the past, there was Zizou's volley, Bale's overhead kick, Mandzukic's bicycle kick. Few days ago, Amandine Henry, with her long-range 🚀 strike, entered this hall of magicians, as her team, Olympique Lyon, cliched their 8th Champions League title with a commanding 3-1 victory over the defenders of the cup, FC Barcelona.

In the 6th minute, Henry performed the cliché of wanting the ball more than her opponent, which in this case happened to be the Ballon d'Or winner, Alexia Putellas. Right after regaining possession with her sliding tackle, Henry was off the ground in flash, and after making some space for herself, with immaculate technique and all her might, she let fly from distance. The swerving ball rocked the top-left corner of Sandra Panos' goal.

The grand talk about FC Barcelona has been echoing all of women's football in Europe lately, but Lyon were having none of it. They served a timely reminder to everyone who had forgotten about the Originals. The Trendsetters. The women-in-white did so with resounding success, and the message is clear for everyone now: Lyon era isn't over. They are here to stay.

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